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Friday, September 19, 2008

Other activities

Apart from music, the members of dc Talk have involved themselves in other activities.


The group co-authored two books titled, Jesus Freaks and Jesus Freaks II in collaboration with The Voice of the Martyrs. The books contain the shortened biographies and incidents in the lives of famous and lesser-known Christians who stood up for their faith.

In 2004, Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait reunited to write a book called "Under God". The book chronicles America's struggle with racism. Featured in the book are stories about Rosa Parks, Emmett Till, and Martin Luther King, Jr.. They also released a sequel called, "Living Under God", following the same formula.

* Jesus Freaks (1999)
* Live Like a Jesus Freak (2001)
* Jesus Freaks Volume II: Stories of Revolutionaries Who Changed Their World Fearing God, Not Man (2002)
* Jesus Freaks: Revolutionaries (2005)
* Jesus Freaks: Martyrs (2005)


In 1998, the group founded the E.R.A.C.E. foundation (Eliminating Racism And Creating Equality) to combat racism.[11] The foundation was started after four years of discussion and planning with manager Dan Pitts and Gotee Records President, Joey Elwood.

The primary aim of the foundation is to educate and equip America's youth with "an understanding of the importance of interracial unity". The foundation works on healing historically divided groups and healing rifts within the society.[11]

E.R.A.C.E. was launched in September 1997 when dc Talk participated in the "Racial Reconciliation Rally" in Little Rock, Ark. The rally was part of a weeklong emphasis on racial

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