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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - Solo

When the trio DC Talk released their best-of album Intermission in 2000, many thought it was the end of the group's collaboration. However, members Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, and Kmax assured listeners that the project and one-year break they were taking were merely the beginning of more to come, not only from DC Talk as a whole, but from the three as individual artists. Solo, the 2001 EP from DC Talk, is a preview of McKeehan, Tait, and Kmax's solo projects, all released in 2001. The album opens with a live recording of "40 Live" from DC Talk, followed by two songs from Tait's album Empty. "Alibi" is rock influenced, with strong adult contemporary/alternative stylings. It is definitely one of the EP's strongest offerings, speaking of continual excuses in a relationship and the pain it incurs. "All You Got" builds on "Alibi," however is musically more mellow. Tait provides driving rhythms, stirring vocals, and a sound that leaves the listener longing for more. The songs "Return of the Singer" and "Be" come from Kmax's album Stereotype Be. Musically, he leans toward alternative, at times techno-influenced, rock in "Return of the Singer" and a slightly subdued alternative rock sound in "Be," a song encouraging individuals to be true to who they are....

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