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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - Free At Last - The Music: 10th Anniversary

dc Talk's Free at Last changed the landscape of Contemporary Christian music forever. Never had an album quite like this ever been released in the realm of Christian music. Free at Last rocked Christian youth with its style and sound, but the lyrics were almost unmatched. The album spent an industry record of 34 weeks at number one, and gained the group unprecedented success. Ten years since its histroic release, comes a tribute album to the record-breaking record. But the question is, "after all these, how does it sound?"

Free at Last jumpstarts with "Luv is a Verb," which talks about love as an action and mixes its message with an unbeatable funk sound. Right after "Luv is a Verb" ends, Toby jumps right into "That Kinda Girl" with a fast-paced rap break. This track addresses the Proverbs 31 woman and is one of the strongest tracks on the album. "Jesus is Just Alright" comes next, and is another solid upbeat track. "Say the Words" slows it down, but is no doubt another fantastic song. "Socially Acceptable" keeps the music going. "Socially" features Kevin and Michael on vocals, but Toby still breaks it down with his signature raps.

The old hymn "Free at Last" is served up next. The song features a choir, and Toby rapping the verses. This is no doubt a huge twist from the original, but this version is a standout on the album. "Time Is..." follows, and is a rock filled anthem talking about why we need not waste our opportunities for Christ in this world....

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