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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - Supernatural

It's that time again. Yup, it seems to be the trend that every three years, dc Talk decides to release another major project, preceded by a side project (like a long-form video or live album). They're known for their energetic shows, elaborate well-produced songs, and catchy radio-friendly tunes. Will we be disappointed with this new effort? Not at all.

dc T never ceases to suprise & amaze us. On Supernatural, the trio decides to be more experimental & creative than ever. The disc starts off with "It's Killing Me," a hard-rocker that starts off slow & builds up. "My Friend So Long" is one the major differences on the album. It starts off as almost punk and breaks into a chorus that sounds vintage oldies. It sounds almost like they wrote the song with their live back-up, who we all know of as Zilch. "Since I Met You" is probably the most bizarre song on the project. It starts off coming across as another typical ballad and turns into a punk/rock-ish song, before taking a turn to pop/rock....

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