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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - The Early Years

DC Talk was a record-setting band for Chistian music. They explored unknown territory for the genre, and opened the door for some of the success Christian rock and rap artists are having far and wide today. The super group is best known for being a pop/rock group, as most of their mainstream success came when they were in that form. However unfortunate, the Talkers "early years" are sometimes forgotten. The Early Years pays tribute to the group's first three albums.

The album starts with two songs from their self-titled debut. "Heavenbound" is the first of the two, and is a very solid offering from their debut. "Spinnin' Round" is served up next. It is just an average track, but surely fits on this collection. The next four tracks are from Nu Thang, a very good album that is often forgotten when talking about dc Talk. "When dc Talks" is the first representation, followed by "He Works." Both are fairly decent cuts, but nothing too special. However, the album really gets going at this point. "Nu Thang" is a funky rap tune that was one of the first Christian rap radio hits. "Walls" is a harder song and definitely one of the group's finest songs ever.

The final four tracks are from the masterpiece Free at Last. The Free at Last tracks kickoff with "The Hardway," a truly amazing and inspiring song. "That Kinda Girl" is another excellent track, followed by another remarkable one, "Socially Acceptable." The album concludes with "Word 2 the Father," a prayer-like song from the dc Talk boys....

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