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Friday, September 19, 2008

dc Talk discography

dc Talk (also DC Talk and dc talk) is a Christian rock band formed in the late 1980s in Lynchburg, Virginia by Toby McKeehan, Kevin Max, and Michael Tait. They began as a hip hop group, but in the mid-90s they reinvented themselves as a pop/rock group. In both instances, they found critical and commercial success in both the Christian music industry as well as the general market.

Title Year Label(s) Chart Positions [1] RIAA
The Billboard 200 Top Contemporary Christian
DC Talk 1989 ForeFront 10
Nu Thang 1990 ForeFront 5 Gold
Free at Last 1992 ForeFront 1 Platinum
Free at Last: Extended Play Remixes 1994 ForeFront 35
Jesus Freak 1995 ForeFront
16 1 2x Platinum Gold
Welcome to the Freak Show 1997 ForeFront 109 3 Gold
Supernatural 1998 ForeFront
4 1 Platinum
Intermission: the Greatest Hits 2000 ForeFront 81 3 Gold
Solo:Special Edition 2001 ForeFront 142 5
The Early Years 2006 ForeFront
Jesus Freak: 10th Anniversary Special Edition 2006 ForeFront
Greatest Hits 2007 ForeFront


* 1992 - Rap, Rock, and Soul
* 1994 - Narrow is the Road
* 1997, 2003 - Welcome to the Freak Show, (RIAA certified Gold)
* 1999, 2003 - The Supernatural Experience
* 2002 - Free at Last: the Movie


No Single Album
1 "Heavenbound" DC Talk
2 "I Luv Rap Music" Nu Thang
3 "Can I Get A Witness?"
4 "Jesus Is Just Alright" Free At Last
5 "Socially Acceptable"
6 "Luv Is A Verb"
7 "The Hardway"
8 "Jesus Freak" Jesus Freak
9 "Between You and Me"
10 "What If I Stumble?"
11 "Like It, Love It, Need It"
12 "Colored People"
13 "In The Light"
14 "Mind's Eye"
15 "Into Jesus" Supernatural
16 "Consume Me"
17 "My Friend (So Long)"
18 "Dive"
19 "My Will" Exodus
20 "Godsend" Supernatural
21 "Wanna Be Loved"
22 "Supernatural"
23 "Say The Words (Now)" Intermission: the Greatest Hits

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