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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - Greatest Hits

Sounds like … the alt-rock, modern pop, and eclectic hip-hop that Kevin Max, Michael Tait, and toby Mac are respectively known for, with a fusion sound recalling Seal, Skillet, and T-Bone.

At a glance … a fine compilation for those who insist on owning just one dc Talk album, Greatest Hits is completely unnecessary for fans, particularly those who already own Intermission.

One of the first albums I reviewed for in 2000 was Intermission, which adequately summarized dc Talk's explosive reign of hits in '90s Christian pop/rock. The title alone reflected the trio's intention to continue with "act two" after a short break to explore solo projects. Yet here we are, almost seven years later, and little has changed. Kevin Max, Michael Tait, and tobyMac continue to record separately, and Forefront is now releasing virtually the same compilation under a different name. Why now? Think of it as the lighter at a concert that keeps vigil for the encore that might never come.

Greatest Hits shares 14 of the 19 tracks originally found on Intermission—half of them in the same sequence on both albums. Gone are the two short "Mrs. Morgan" interludes that got in the way of the music, and no one's likely to miss the mediocre "Chance" and "Sugar Coat It," even though they offered something new for fans. But what a pity to lose the fine cover of Larry Norman's "I Wish We'd All Been Ready," a popular rarity not found on dc Talk's other albums....

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