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Friday, September 26, 2008

dc Talk - Free At Last

In 1992, Mad About You and Northern Exposure were popular among TV viewers, Brendan Fraser made his big screen debut in Encino Man, and exercise fanatics rushed out to buy the Thighmaster. While groups like House of Pain and Mr. Big were dominating in mainstream music, one group of hip-hoppers released an album that would forever change the Christian music industry. Enter in the most critically acclaimed project of DC Talk's career, Free At Last. Coming back from a year and a half following the fanbase they gained from 1990's Nu Thang, DCT opted for a fresher and more polished album that would literally outdo their previous efforts. Under the producing helm of Mark Heimmerman, Free At Last is officially solidified as one of the best selling albums ever in the Christian market.

Songs such as "Luv Is a Verb" (summarizing that we should love one another as God does) and "That Kinda Girl" (a brief synopsis of Proverbs 31) brought forth beats and lyrics that remain unmatched by today's hot rap groups. This album produced several radio hits, such as the racial harmony-invoked "Socially Acceptable" and the group's dance/pop remake of the Doobie Brothers' classic "Jesus Is Just Alright," with original lyrics composed by TobyMac himself. A personal favorite of mine is DC Talk's hip-hop take on Bill Withers' "Lean On Me," which includes a rap break in from Toby that is totally mind-blowing. Free At Last also gave more opportunity for vocalists Michael and Kevin to take over lead vocal responsibilities as shown in songs like "Say the Words," "The Hardway," and "Socially Acceptable" while continuing to keep a constant hip-hop presence throughout each track....

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