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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Forget Guitar Hero, Christian rockers already have Guitar Praise

Shows how little I know.

Yesterday I pondered whether “Guitar Hero” could save Christian music. Turns out “Guitar Praise” is already on the scene.

The game, which runs on PC or Mac, looks a lot like its secular sister but with a more holy set of songs from Caedmon’s Call, David Crowder Band, dc Talk, Relient K and a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of.

“Grab the guitar and play along with top Christian bands! Shred those riffs or blast the bass… you add a unique sound to the solid Christian rock. But watch out: if you can’t keep up, the artists will take a break and stop the music. Crank it up and try again—you’ll soon be rockin’ with the best while praising the Lord!“

Christian Music News Source

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