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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Web site Spotlight: dc talk's Unofficial Site

For dc Talk fans who ever found themselves wanting to know why Kevin Max thanked actress Winona Ryder in the liner notes of Free at Last or if Toby McKeehan has gone country after rapping on a SheDaisy disc, "Ardent Enthusiast: An Archive for dc Talk Fans" answers those questions and many more at their comprehensive cyber-headquarters.

While many fan-oriented Web sites are just a way to spotlight allegiance to a particular artist, the foursome behind this Web site surpasses this by leaps and bounds, offering plenty of information in an easy-to-read and well-designed Flash format.

And while on many sites the label "unofficial" is synonymous with "unreliable," this site gives disclaimers to any information that hasn’t been confirmed by dc Talk’s record label in their news sections. Also good to know, all of the concert dates listed in the "tour Info" section have been given the green light from dc Talk’s management.

And with that said, many of the site’s virtues lie in the detailed information it offers. Whether your looking for the history of the band, (you’ll find a jam-packed-with-information account in the timeline), archives that link to published dc Talk articles or would like to see what the boys looked like as babies (in the extensive photo gallery), you’ll find it here.

Also, for those who’d like to get to know other dc Talk enthusiasts, you can, by posting on the message board or making your way into their chat room. Other helpful dc Talk-related tools include guitar tabs, plenty of the band’s MP3s to listen to and links to e-mail the site’s creators if you have questions or want to sign up for their newsletter.

Begin your own journey to find out more about the "Jesus Freaks" now.

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